Taking ORKAMBI® With Fat-Containing Food

It’s important to take ORKAMBI with fat-containing food because the fat helps your body better absorb the medicine.

There are many healthy fat-containing foods—like eggs, salmon, nuts, cheese, and more—that you can take with ORKAMBI.

To get a better understanding of the different types of fats, speak with your healthcare team. They can help you choose healthy fat-containing meals and snacks.

Fitting fat-containing foods into your routine

When you take your ORKAMBI, the following may help you decide which fat-containing foods to eat with it. See the tabs below for some suggestions. And remember, when purchasing ingredients like dairy products, be sure you aren't selecting reduced-fat or low-fat products.

Ideas for fat-containing meals to eat when taking ORKAMBI

If your healthcare provider prescribed ORKAMBI to be taken every 12 hours, these ideas for breakfast and dinner may be helpful.

Your dosing schedule for ORKAMBI may be different. If you take ORKAMBI at times other than breakfast and dinner time, you should take it with a snack that contains fat. Your healthcare provider can give you some tips on how to make sure you take it with fat-containing foods.

Some of these meals and snacks may also provide vitamins, minerals, and other dietary needs, like fiber or protein. Remember to talk to your healthcare provider or dietitian about a fat-containing diet that is right for you before making any changes to your diet.

Ideas for fat-containing snacks to eat when taking ORKAMBI

If you take ORKAMBI at a time other than mealtime, here are some suggestions for fat-containing snacks.

Check out these recipes for fat-containing foods you can try when it's time to take your ORKAMBI.

This is not intended to be a complete list of foods. Your healthcare team can help you choose the right fat-containing meals and snacks for you.